Australian Online Gambling Legal FAQ

Australia Legal

Australia does have gambling laws in place that pertain to Internet gambling legality, but as with other countries, the language leaves much grey area around which legal arguments can take place. What is not in question is that players are not committing any offence by competing in any Internet gambling games. In addition, sports betting is specifically legal for Australians.

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Q: Is online gambling legal in Australia?

A: While the law addresses providers of gambling services outside the realm of sports betting, there is no reference to the legality of players competing on the Internet. This means that players are in no danger of prosecution or any other online gambling legal problems. They can feel comfortable creating an account on any online gambling site and participating in a legitimate wagering activity. This is why most of the major legit online gambling sites legally promote their services to Australians.

Q. How can I deposit and withdraw from online gambling sites legally?

Australia Legal

A: As of 2017, the online gambling legal situation specifically addresses the licensing of online gambling sites but doesn't speak to the banks that process transactions for players. This leaves players the option to use a number of banking methods, including prepaid cards and legit third-party payment processors in order to fund their accounts. Major credit and debit cards may not be allowed by some banks to process transactions, but the plethora of other methods available to Australian players ensures legal and legitimate funds transfers.

Q. Can I gamble online legally for real money in Australia?

A: Yes. As mentioned, AU law does not address players in its attempt to participate in the online gambling legal discussion, so players are perfectly safe playing for real money. Since there is also no differentiation between real money and play money in the law, players on legitimate online gambling sites are free to play for real money in 2017 if they so choose.

“The plethora of banking methods available to Australian players nsure legal and legitimate funds transferred.”

Q. Is online poker legal in Oz?

Australia Legal

A: When it comes to the online gambling legal situation in Australia, the current law does not take any stand on the ‘skill game’ argument that pertains to online poker. As a result, for online poker players, it means online poker is put in the same category as any other legit casino game.

Online poker is one of the most popular of all gambling games online, and there have been no threats against sites that provide legitimate online poker services to Australian players. With live poker going through something of a boom Down Under, expect the law on online poker to be clarified in the coming years.

Q. Is online sports betting legal in Australia in 2017?

A: Yes. For online gambling, legal sports betting is one activity that is definitely possible Australia. The country has long taken pride in its participating in wagering on sports like football and Aussie horse racing. Players are welcome to wager in numerous live locations around Australia, as well as online through many legal online gambling sites that provide legit sports betting options.

Q. Are online casino games legal in Australia?

Australia Legal

A: This falls into the same category as online poker, as the current law does not specify exactly which games are discouraged through Internet gambling. Players can feel confident that they are not prohibited from playing despite the licensing restrictions in the law, which concern the online gambling sites themselves. Until further legislation erases the ambiguity in the Australian law, players can participate in online casino games like roulette and blackjack, or play their favorite online slots and pokies.

Q. When was the last new law passed making online gambling legal?

A: The Interactive Gambling Act was passed and enacted by the Australian government in 2001 in order to make it an offence to provide interactive gambling services to customers in Oz. Having said that, players and their actions were not addressed. The purpose of the Bill was to protect citizens from the harmful effects of gambling, though sports betting is legal and prevalent in the country. Also, the law doesn’t actually prevent Australians from gambling online - legal sites based overseas are open to Aussie bettors daily. This means that there are thousands of Aussies enjoying foreign betting sites and poker rooms online 24/7.

There are attempts to clarify the law regarding legal online gambling sites with further legislation but nothing has been made official as of February 2017.