Legal UK Online Gambling FAQ

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When the online gaming boom hit in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Britain was one of the first places to make online gambling legal. As a result, in 2017 the United Kingdom is one of the friendliest places in the world for legal online gambling.

Having been a fervent gambling nation for centuries, it was no wonder that the UK changed British laws in 2003 to embrace and regulate the ever-growing web-based betting industry. By legalizing and regulating Internet games, the country has become a haven for companies and players alike, and making online gambling sites legal has proved to be a major revenue stream for the UK.

Here, we address some specific questions about the 2017 gaming environment in Great Britain.

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Q: Is online gambling legal in the UK?

A: Yes. The 2003 and subsequent laws have allowed companies to set up in GB and cater to British customers with legit gambling online. With regulations in place to monitor the industry for criminal activity and addiction problems, companies can happily serve players with a wide variety of legitimate games, from sportsbooks to online casinos and a massive online poker presence. In a nutshell, it gives players the peace of mind to be able to gamble free of worry about local or nationwide laws in Britain, or possible persecution. Companies also use the United Kingdom for licensing and other oversight groups because of the laws that are so friendly to the online gambling legal situation.

Q: How can I deposit and withdraw from online gambling sites legally?

United Kingdom Legal

A: Since UK laws explicitly permit online gambling legal sites to do business, they offer more deposit and withdrawal methods than most other countries. There are many legitimate payment processors to facilitate transactions from personal bank accounts to the sites, but players can also use most major credit and debit cards from local United Kingdom-based banks. This makes for quick processing to and from legit online gambling sites, and no fear of money seizures or long waits for financial transactions.

Q: Are online gambling sites legal for real money play in the United Kingdom?

A: Yes. Players on legitimate online gambling sites can compete for play money or points, or they can use real money legal Internet gambling sites. Sites that do business become legit by obtaining a license and adhering to the UK regulations, and that allows them to offer a plethora of casino games and sports betting options to players who want to wager real money. There is often no limit on the size of wagers, so players can gamble for low or very high stakes, as long as they are using respected online betting websites.

“Companies can happily serve players with a wide variety of legitimate games, from sports books to online casinos.”

Q: Is online poker legal in the UK?

United Kingdom Legal

A: Yes. Just as the government made online gambling legal, Internet poker swiftly became a thriving industry in the UK because of the country’s open-minded laws. Many legal sites have worked with live casinos in order to bring internet poker rooms and the land-based establishments together. Players have also chosen to move to GB from other countries which have murkier laws in order to play online without any worries. Online poker is one of the most popular games of any of the online gambling legal offerings.

Q: Is online sports betting legal in the UK?

A: Yes. Sports betting is legal per the most updated UK laws, which prompts many companies to base their legal sports betting sites there. From soccer events to numerous contests around the globe, players can place wagers on legitimate sites to their liking. The country works in conjunction with many sports leagues to ensure cooperation, which translates into a thriving industry and a legal and legit form of entertainment for citizens and residents.

Q: Are online casino games legal in the UK?

United Kingdom Legal

A: Yes. The 2003 law that updated the British gambling regulations specifically regulated online casino games. Players have their choice of online gambling legal sites that offer everything from roulette to keno, from lottery-type games to virtual slot machines. The UK collects revenue from sites that legally offer legal gaming to UK players.