The Online Casino Bonus


Have you ever raised an eyebrow in curiosity about an online casino bonus? You may wonder why you see offers of hundreds or evens thousands of dollars being made to gamblers.  Going a step further, you may be thinking, “Why aren’t such things offered at a land based casino?” We’re going to answer all your questions by giving you all the information you need on welcome bonuses, re-load bonuses and more.

The benefits of an online casino bonus:

  • Great way to sample the games using real cash
  • Lots of free spins included
  • Entry into prize pools and contests
  • More money…more fun

How Online Bonuses Work

In the world of online gambling, competition is intense. The casino will offer “free money” to entice new players in hopes of them becoming a loyal member on the site. After which, additional bonuses will be made available for frequent players.

In general, the welcome bonus is most taken advantage of. This reason being is the ability to surpass demo games and move on into the real money action without having to deposit too much of your own cash (or very little of it).  The welcome bonus can be found directly on the casino website as well as, the top casino review sites.  The latter may give you a better bonus than the casino.  Generally, all new player bonuses come with a match percentage which will cap at a certain amount. They will often have a minimum and a maximum limit along with a certain time period in which the bonus must be used.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses


When you’re gambling online, casino bonuses will present themselves in a wide variety of types. Below will be the most common bonuses you’ll come across.

The Withdraw-able Bonus

Although rare, this bonus can be found amongst certain gambling operators. Should you find the withdraw-able bonus, you will see the money added to your bankroll as soon as you make a deposit. To withdrawal any winnings, you will be required to clear the bonus. These requirements can be found in the terms and conditions. Generally you’ll need to clear 15-20 times the initial deposit amount.

Play Only Bonus

The name says it all. A play only bonus is held in a separate bankroll and can only be used to wager. You cannot withdrawal this bonus. If you win, you’re original wager will be added back into the Play Only Bonus account. Winnings on the other hand, will be added to your own bankroll. This real cash can be transferred into an e-wallet or bank as soon as you meet your clearing requirements.

“Online gambling bonuses can be extremely useful, especially for new players who are trying to get a feel for online gambling and everything that comes along with it. ”

Free Cash Play


This is by far one of the best types of online casino bonuses. As soon as you sign up for your free casino account, you will be given a small amount of cash to wager with. Generally, this is between $5 and $50. As with everything, there is a catch. You will have to wager a substantial amount of your own money (via deposit), before you can make a withdrawal. Before you say “no” to this bonus method, remember that it is a great way to test the games in real cash mode before you choose to stick around the gambling site.

The Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is very common. Whenever you make additional deposits, you may be offered the opportunity to collect a reload bonus. This extra cash may be offered on a constant basis or as a weekly or monthly incentive. The catch with this bonus, in general, is that you cannot withdrawal it.

Things to take note of

Online gambling bonuses can be extremely useful, especially for new players who are trying to get a feel for online gambling and everything that comes along with it. Before you collect your casino bonus from this review site, it’s a good idea to consider a few things.

Read the fine print – We know you want to get to the tables as quickly as possible, but take a few minutes to understand the terms and conditions.

Game selection – You may be limited to specific games when you’re clearing the bonus. If you are set on playing a certain game, confirm you can do so with the bonus cash.

Deadlines – Most bonuses will have a deadline. This means you must clear them in a set amount of time; otherwise, they expire and you lose the money.

Loyalty program – While the bonuses are great, the loyalty programs can be even better. Take advantage of them to collect additional bonuses, cash prizes and rewards.

The right code – If the gambling operator requires you to enter a bonus code, you should ensure you’re entering the right digits and letters. If you get it wrong, you may get the wrong bonus or be unable to collect it all together. On this site, your bonus is a click away.

Collecting via email – There are a few select casinos that require you to contact them in order to receive the extra cash. All this means is you’ll have to send a quick email stating that you would like it added to your account.

Go or No Go?


All in all, if you have a nice amount of cash to spend (more than just $10 or $20) the casino bonus is not a bad idea. However, if you’re pressed for time and want to win quickly and walk away, it’s better to make a deposit and use that cash to make wagers.

The choice is yours. Whatever option you do go with, take a look at our in-depth reviews and ratings. Surely, with a section like ours you’ll find a casino suited to your needs. Collect your bonus and play now.