Online vs Offline Gambling

Online vs Offline

Prior to computers and the internet, the only way you could gamble was by going to your local casino. Now let’s face it, heading out for a night on the town and a chance to win money is not necessarily a bad thing. But, nowadays we’re busier. We have long working hours and tend to like the ability to lounge around at home when given the chance. Even so, most people like some entertainment every now and then. With the invention of computers, the internet and technology came online casinos. The world has not been the same since.

Let’s be clear, there is nothing wrong with gambling at a land based casino. However, it’s not always possible or something you may be in the mood for. If you’ve never played at an online casino, and are curious about what the hype is all about, this is an absolute must read.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s our 60-second summary:

  • Online gambling lets you play anytime, anywhere; with higher payouts than land casinos
  • Your winnings may take longer to be paid out online and support quality may not be consistent
  • Offline gambling immerses right in the action and you get to enjoy physical perks like free food, drink and room stays
  • Land casinos offer a limited game range compared to online lobby and you won’t have as many opportunities to earn free cash offline

Advantages of Online Gambling

Online vs Offline

The Convenience

The biggest advantage to gambling online for real money is the convenience factor. There is no getting dressed up, no hiring a babysitter, no drive, no crowds, no alcohol and no smoke. You can simply turn on some jams, log onto your computer and get the software fired up. You can wear your most comfy pajamas or nothing at all. Online gambling at home is easy as long as you have an internet connection.

Exclusive Privacy

Unfortunately, even as many parts of the globe start to break down social barriers, gambling is still not exactly thought “highly of”. An internet casino goes above and beyond to ensure your privacy is respected. In our 10+ years in this business, we have never heard of a casino sharing information to a third party…even the most rogue ones. Rest assured, you can gamble privately and avoid any chances of running into someone that you do not want to meet eye to eye with.

Skipping the Travel

Traveling to a casino is, at least for most of us, not exactly easy. First there’s the gas cost, then there’s the time getting to and from the casino, and of course let’s not forget the lodging, parking fees and all the other stuff that you could essentially avoid. Yes, every now and then this can be a lot of fun, especially when you have arrived, but it’s not always ideal.

Higher Payouts

Internet casinos offer higher payout rates than casinos. This is because there are less overhead expenses compared to land based operators. What this means is that you can win more money, more often.

Disadvantages of Online Gambling

The Withdrawal Payouts

When compared to land based casinos, online establishments do take longer to payout your winnings. This is not done on purpose, but rather to ensure everything is legitimate. Luckily, as technology progresses, the payouts of online casinos are becoming faster. Some operators guarantee a payout in less than 24 hours for specific withdrawal options.

Customer Support

Most of an online casino site is automated using state of the art security protocols and software, but sometimes you will find the need to seek assistance from a real human being. Getting a hold of a customer support member is not always as fast as running to the nearest staff booth. You will have to call or email them, and there could be a small delay. Always read the reviews of the customer support and double check to see whether or not there is a chat option. Don’t forget the FAQ on the site which is usually very in-depth.

Balancing Statements

When it comes to online casinos, there are so many options to choose from. Surely, you want to try as many as you can before you become a loyal fan. Keep in mind that if you take this route, you may have a hard time balancing your credit card statement or working out which one is which. It’s not necessarily a big issue, but could be annoying.

“Internet casinos offer higher payout rates than casinos because there are less overhead expenses compared to land based operators. ”

Advantages of Offline Gambling

Online vs Offline

The Environment

The environment of an online casino is great, but it cannot be compared to the real thing. Flashing lights, vibrant colors, laughing, screaming and even some crying, a real casino has it all. It may be a little smoky, it may smell of spirits and fine liqueur and it may entice your eyes by ways of beautiful men and women. This is what makes the offline casino experience.

Real Live Action

When you’re playing games at a land based casino, you’re really sitting next to other human beings. You can have a chat with the roulette dealer or meet a new friend who also has a passion for slots.

Perks Perks Perks

Land based casinos are well known for their perks, and we mean lots of them. Buffets, drinks and free rooms are just a few things you can receive just by having fun.

Disadvantages of Offline Gambling

The Competition

When you gamble offline, you will not nearly have as much table competition as you can find online. This may be beneficial if you are new to gambling. If you already know a thing or two about the games, you may be better suited to specific casinos (both online and offline) that draw in experienced players.

Game Variations

Sure, land based casinos do have all types of game variations, but nowadays, online casinos are quickly surpassing them. When you play for real money online, you will find all the classic gambling games and their exciting variants.

No Bonuses

Offline casinos give you perks like free food and drinks, but online casinos give you money. When you sign up for a free account, you’ll get a welcome bonus. Thereafter, you’ll be entitled to re-match bonuses, refer-a-friend bonus, weekly bonus and more (this will depend on each operator). You’ll also get a chance to receive a form of loyalty points as well as, prizes, tournament tickets and vacations.

Online or Offline: Which one should I play at?

When you’re trying to decide which form of casino to play at, online or offline, it’s important to understand that they are both quite different. At the end of the day, each type of casino is a great form of entertainment. We say, take advantage of a land based casino when you’re ready for a night out. Explore the internet gambling sites when you are on the go using a smartphone device, or when you’re relaxing at home in your jammies’.