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When European settlers took to the vast lands of Canada, they brought gambling and betting with them. They couldn’t have dreamed that hundreds of years later, internet gambling in Canada would be here to stay. Since those pioneering days, Canadians have grown to love gambling even more, especially with advances in modern technology that has given them Canadian Internet gambling in recent years.

Canada has almost always been friendly to gambling communities, providing live casinos and card rooms in which Canucks can safely play their favorite games. The initial online gambling sites in Canada were originally embraced as well, with the government stepping in only to protect consumers and keep a safe Internet environment for players. Certain provinces have decided to put a few tighter controls on online gambling websites in recent years, but in 2024 players can enjoy the freedoms that come with their favorite pastime.

With the exception of large Canadian cities, with their heavy populations, many Canadians are spread across vast expanses of often lowly populated areas, making it inconvenient - or nearly impossible - to find live gambling locations, like casinos and card rooms. The introduction of Internet gambling in Canada has made it easier for them to play, not only at any time they choose, but using whatever device they prefer. Using the Canadian dollar and their mobile devices, laptops, or even public computers, they can enjoy the betting games of their choice and whatever limits were in their comfort zone, all thanks to today's latest online gambling sites. For online gambling, Canada is up there with the most relaxed countries when it comes to gaming laws. As such, here at, we haven’t had any trouble finding the best websites around for Canadian online gambling.

Now that you know all about gambling online in Canada, why not check out the best websites that we have put together for you.

  • Easy transactions using Canadian dollars
  • Simple user interface
  • Also playable on mobile devices

Banking on CAD Internet Gambling Sites

In the early days of online gambling, Canada wasn’t an easy place to find websites that offered the option to deposit and withdraw in Canadian dollars. In 2024, however, many sites offer easy banking options in the currency of your choice, and all of our recommended online gambling Canada sites offer CAD banking. This allows players to make transactions with ease and not have to worry about exchange rates or conversion fees. Canadian Internet gambling sites on the net are set up with the Canucks firmly in mind.

Players can also be sure that the sites online we have selected here are safe and secure. A huge range of gambling sites online are tested by our experts to ensure that their licenses and safety procedures are in working order, and that player accounts and personal information are protected. Of the safe deposit methods, there are many to choose from, some offering direct transactions with your bank and others that allow prepaid cards and electronic checks. Canadian on-line gamblers can do what feels safest and is easiest for them, and play safe in the knowledge that their hard-earned funds are guaranteed.

“Take advantage of the welcome bonus, and you can be playing your favorite games in minutes.”

Meeting All Canadian Online Gambling Needs


Internet gambling in Canada has grown so much that players have many options for websites. However, we have searched through online gambling sites and narrowed the options down based on the very best. The online gambling Canada sites we've chosen have all of the casino and poker games that players want, as well as the best variety of betting limits so that players of all bankrolls can enjoy them. We also make sure to include the best sportsbooks in our reviews, so the football and hockey bettors are catered for too!

Before we recommend an online gambling Canada site, though, we make sure to have our experts test them. Our team includes industry experts and experienced players, all of whom put the Internet gambling sites in Canada through an extensive array of tests. We make sure that sites are so secure that hackers and criminals have no way to infiltrate the encryption coding system. Plus, we verify that the welcome bonuses and loyalty points pay off as promised. After all, there’s nothing worse than signing up to an online gambling Canada site, depositing your hard-earned Canadian dollars and realizing that the bonuses don’t match up. We also compare the sites to find the ones with the very best games and payouts, all before posting our ratings and reviews for customers.

We find the best Canadian online gambling solutions!

Players can be sure that our Canadian Internet gambling site recommendations give you the very best options in the industry. Click on any one of them to take advantage of the welcome bonus, and you can be playing your favorite games in minutes. For Canadian online gambling, we’re the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a player from Canada, here is all the information you need to gamble online safely.

Is online gambling legal in Canada?

Canada is one of the most open and welcoming countries for online gaming in the world. While there might be some restrictions in some provinces, those are mostly in place to protect the players. You can play on any site from any device for as long as you want.

What is the required age to play?

Generally, the legal age for gambling in Canada is 19. In Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec, you can play from 18 upwards.

How is it regulated?

Officially Canadian law does not say much about online gaming in particular. However, gaming in general is legal, and the different provinces have the right to issue gaming licenses on a case-by-case basis. The provinces also regulate the sites and land casinos that operate on their territory, and every province has its own laws regarding gambling.

Am I required to pay tax on my winnings?

As long as you are playing for fun, your winnings cannot be taxed according to Canadian law. If you are a professional poker player, or you play for a living, then this is considered your income, and will be taxed as such.

Can I play in CAD?

There are many casinos that accept CAD nowadays, so check that the casino of your choice accepts CAD before you create an account with them, and then play to your heart’s content!

What are the best sites for Canadians?

Plenty of sites are good for anyone, Canadians included, but we have gone out and tested them all, and made a list of the ones that will offer you the best welcome bonuses, offers, and security, so take your pick from our top recommendations for Canada.

What forms of gambling are popular?

There are different table games, like poker, Texas Hold’em, baccarat, and then there are slot machine games and even sports betting, so you should definitely find something to grab your attention and keep you entertained.