India’s Top Online Gambling Sites For 2024

India Gambling

Even though it is still quite new in the booming country, online gambling sites are becoming more and more popular in India. Real money gambling is quickly becoming a favorite activity among Indians, and there is a lot of potential money at stake as well. Players that enjoy taking in the cricket matches love cricket betting and that’s not the only sport that’s covered either. There is a lot to be excited about with all the access that online gambling provides, and it’s all available with the click of a button.

Excellent Gambling Opportunities for Indian Players:

  • Easily gamble in rupees
  • Bet on all the top sporting events
  • Enjoy generous welcome bonuses when joining

How We Select Top Indian Online Gambling Sites

Even though online gambling in India is becoming very popular, it’s not something that you can just rush into trying. There are plenty of good quality sites dedicated to Indian online gambling, but it’s tough finding the best real money sites, and separating them from the low quality options. Our team makes it a mission to locate the top gambling sites, and to show just how beneficial they are compared to the low quality options out to take rupees from unsuspecting players. Below is a breakdown of how we find the very best sites for sports betting and gambling in India.

  • Find the Best Bonuses: Our team looks closely at the bonuses offered by each different casino offering services to players in India. We compare bonuses and recommend the best.
  • Verify Game Selection: Sports betting is huge in India and we recognize that players want to place bets on different sports. Our team looks for sites that cover all the most popular sports.
  • Payment Methods: A good online gambling site isn’t any good if you can’t make real money deposits into it. That’s why we verify the payment methods and make sure the rupee is supported to make gambling as easy as possible.
  • Customer Support: Without good customer support it’s easy to run into trouble while gambling online. We verify support is high quality and available whenever needed.

It’s through this careful examination process that we can find the best Indian online gambling sites available today, and that’s why we’re so confident recommending sites we believe in.

A Variety of Gambling Options

There are a wide variety of different gambling options available to players in Indian through online casinos. To get the most out of your gambling experience it’s important to select a location that offers the games you want to play before you join one. Here’s an overview of the options that are available to you.

Casino Games

Casino games like slots, poker, video poker and table games are all available to bet on for Indian players looking for variety. These options are available from online casinos, and they can be a lot of fun. We’ve searched for leading casinos that offer each of these casino games, and recommend some of the most reliable.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is a very common sport to bet on in India, and there are literally dozens of major events to cover throughout the year. Our top sport betting sites all cover horse racing, and offer additional stats and up-to-date information about the racers and the races. As a user of one of these casinos you’ll be able to place bets just before events begin, and you’ll have high quality information available to help your betting decisions as well. We focus on finding the very best horse betting sites available to players in India online, and many of these even support mobile devices for betting from anywhere.


Cricket gambling online is one of the most popular sports betting activities, and it’s something that most Indian gamblers are interested in getting involved with. We’ve rated many different cricket betting sites in 2024, and have compiled a list of some of the top options. While at these cricket betting sites you’ll see cricket bet tips, as well as a wide range of events to gamble on. There is a good selection of online cricket gambling websites for players in India, giving you a wide choice when figuring out where to play. Take your time and choose a site that has been shortlisted as a top online casino in India for the best results.


While it isn’t as popular, Football also has a good following in India and there are many different casinos that offer betting on major matches throughout the year. If you follow the sport you’ll have no trouble finding matches to bet on. You can even make them with a mobile phone during the big game.


Tennis is another popular game in India and matches are going on throughout the year. That means that you have opportunities all year long to bet on your favorite players and to win big money while gambling on the best. There is Indian online gambling for most of the major sports in the country, which is why it makes so much sense to make use of the sites and set wagers for your favorite events.

“Gamblers in India can bet on all the leading sporting events and major casino games conveniently online.”

Mobile Gambling

India Mobile

Online gambling in India wouldn’t be complete without mobile support, because mobile devices are so popular throughout the country. That’s why it’s beneficial that most of the casinos that offer support to players in the area also support mobile devices. There are apps on offer from many of the top casinos in the area. These apps are for major phone types like Android and iOS. That means your Fire tablet, Surface Pro, HTC, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone and iPad will all work at many of the top casinos available today.

There are also mobile casinos based on HTML5 and will run right in the web browser itself. These sports betting locations make it possible for Indian gamblers with Windows Phones like the Nokia Lumia and Blackberry devices to play the games. So whether you have an HTC, a Samsung, a Sony or any other mobile device made in recent years, you should be able to play bets comfortably from wherever you have a good internet connection. Both tablets and smartphones will work with these mobile casinos, and the gameplay experience with either of the devices should be very similar to what you get with a full sized computer.

Sports betting and casino games will work on mobile devices, but it’s important to remember that you need a good stable internet connection in order to play these games. For that reason it’s best to play in a location with WiFi whenever possible.

Choosing The Right Site

Online gambling in India is still a pretty new thing, but it’s growing in popularity each and every year. Our team does its best to pick out the highest quality online casinos serving Indian players, and making them well-known. If you’re looking for a place to bet on the latest sporting event, to play some slot or table games, or to take part in some other form of gambling, take a look at our reviews and you’ll quickly see just how many decent quality options are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is online gambling popular in India?

Yes it is, it’s becoming very common. Even though online gambling is still new in India, it’s gaining in popularity and more and more people are becoming comfortable with it. Players are beginning to find out just how convenient it is to gamble online, and mobile devices are helping to increase online gambling’s popularity even more.

Will I be able to wager for real money?

Absolutely! It’s not difficult to wager for real money, and you can even do so using the rupee, making it easy to play at top casinos around the world. There’s a range of deposit and withdrawal methods, and most players find it simple to go through the process of funding an account and playing online for real money.

Will I be able to access online betting on a phone or tablet?

Yes, mobile gambling using a phone or tablet is becoming just as common as desktop gambling is. Many of the top casinos that serve players in India support mobile devices, offering dedicated apps and mobile games that make it easy to get started with online gambling.

Where will I find the best bonuses online?

We recommend websites that offer top quality bonuses. Take a look at some of our recommendations and you’ll quickly see that some very lucrative bonuses exist online that will suit your play style and make the most of your bankroll. Generally the newer online casinos offer more lucrative bonuses, so if you don’t go with one of our recommendations, at the very least look for casinos that are starting this year or last year for the best deals.

Which sports are the most popular to bet on in India?

Cricket is the most popular, with soccer and field hockey coming in after it. Each is popular to bet on and the sports are offered at online gambling sites. It doesn’t matter which of the top sports you enjoy, they are all covered fully at most Indian betting sites, making it simple to find the one you want and place your wagers.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

Yes, most gambling sites require players to be at least 18 years of age before they can participate. If you try to gamble at a younger age, you’ll run into different verification issues. That’s why it’s important to wait until your old enough to start gambling online.

Are Indian gambling sites safe to play at?

Many Indian Gambling sites are safe to play, but the best way to verify that is to choose high quality sites that have been proven as safe in the past. This takes time, but we recommend several high quality and trustworthy websites that you can use. If you aren’t sure about where you should play, just rely on expert recommendations, or look at the quality of the software and ratings and reviews of the casino before deciding if you should play there or not.