How to Gamble Online and What Your Options Are

How to play

If you are new to online gambling, you probably have many questions. Which casinos can you play at? How old do you have to be to gamble online? Do you have to download the software onto your computer? What kinds of games can you play? This article, in one convenient place, will provide the answers to most of your questions as you embark on what you hope will be an exciting and profitable venture.

The Advantages Of Online Gambling

One of the big advantages that online casino gambling has over playing in land-based casinos is that it is so much more convenient. You don't have to get dressed up or travel anywhere or worry about not being back in time for work or anything else you need to do.

Now online gambling has become more convenient than ever because you don't even have to use your own home computer if you don't want to or if you will be somewhere else. You have other options. You can now play online not only any time you wish, but anywhere you wish, too.

Software Considerations

If you are planning to download the casino software onto your own computer, besides having Internet access, your computer must be compatible with the software. Your computer should satisfy at least the minimum system requirements, or preferably, the recommended system requirements specified by the provider.

Otherwise, there is a chance that you will not be able to download the software or that you will run into annoying problems such as slow speed, poor graphics, or frequent Internet disconnects. Most likely, if you bought your computer recently, it will be compatible with the casino's software, but checking beforehand to make certain is highly recommended.

"Premier online casinos appeal to blackjack and roulette players by offering them different ways of playing these games."

Instant Play Casino Sites

Another way of accessing a casino is to use the no download instant play flash mode, and some casinos don't even offer a downloaded version so you have to go this route. The advantage of the flash casino is that it is playable on any compatible browser; you are not tied down to your own computer.

Depending on the casino, some of the games that are available in the downloaded version may not be available in the flash casino, and the graphics and sound might also not be as good.

Mobile Gambling

A third way of playing online is on your compatible mobile device. Not all online casinos offer this option, but many do. Younger players, especially, love the flexibility that mobile casino play affords.

Maybe you are at the airport with extra time on your hands because your flight is delayed. Or you are at a restaurant waiting for a friend to show up. Even though you are miles away from your PC, you can still play at your favorite casino on your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, or Smartphone.

Age and Country Restrictions

The minimum age to gamble online is 18. Even if online casino gambling by younger persons were legal, it is highly inadvisable. However, online casinos have mechanisms in place to verify your age so players trying to misrepresent it will probably be turned away. Most online casinos take their own responsibility very seriously not to accept bets from underage gamblers.

Many casinos also have country restrictions. Therefore you will need to check the website to make sure that the casino you wish to play at accepts residents from your country.

Sometimes casinos may permit residents of certain countries to play, but deny them access to certain bonuses and promotions or impose steeper wagering requirements before they can withdraw their winnings. These practices do not seem fair, and you should avoid settling for less than the same treatment afforded to players of other nationalities.

Deposit Methods

How To Play

In order to play at an online casino for real money, you will need to register and deposit money into your account. Larger and more reputable casinos offer you a variety of safe and secure methods for doing so. Beware of casinos which only take checks, cash, or direct transfer, or otherwise limit you to very few deposit options.

Ideally, the same method you will be using for your deposits can also be used for withdrawal. Avoid casinos where withdrawals appear to be a hassle, i.e., where the limits are very low and there are long processing times and hefty fees.

Also, check what other reviewers and customers have to say about the casino's banking policies. Pick a casino that uses modern encryption technology to ensure that all of your financial transactions are safe and secure.

Game Selection

Most online casinos offer you a choice of both slots and table games. Since slots are the biggest money maker for a casino, expect to find plenty of those, where you can pick your favorites from traditional 3-reel slots, exciting contemporary and popular culture slots with secret bonus levels, and progressive slots with enormous jackpots.

In addition, most online casinos offer video poker and all of the popular casino table games, especially blackjack and roulette. Many casinos offer a variety of other games, including baccarat, craps, various forms of casino poker, Keno, arcade games, and scratch cards.

Some online casinos are mega-size, offering a staggering array of more than 500 games, more than you will find in many land-based casinos. Other online casinos have fewer than 100 games.

Premier online casinos appeal to blackjack and roulette players by offering them different ways of playing these games. For example, a player might select Atlantic City or Vegas blackjack, or perhaps Double Exposure blackjack or Blackjack Switch. Roulette players can choose from American, European, or French Roulette, or perhaps multi-wheel roulette or the progressive game Roulette Royale.

Another innovative option includes streaming the live action online. This exciting option offered by some online casinos allows you to participate in poker, 21, or baccarat in real time with a human host.

Through the technique of real time video streaming, the games are brought from the dealer's location and streamed through your device screen wherever you are in the world. Players are able to see everything the dealer does unfolding in real time as it happens, and even talk to them and anyone else in the virtual casino room by speaking into your computer microphone. Live dealer gaming, as it's commonly known, is now so popular that it's completely negated the need to visit a land based casino entirely.

Ready To Play?

If all the above sounds like fun and ticks the boxes you are looking for, you might want to check out some of our real money casino sites to start playing. If you are not ready to splash some cash right now, then give our free games a whirl. We’re sure you’ll find one you’ll enjoy.