Making a Deposit at an Online Casino

Deposit Methods

When you’re ready to make a real cash wager at your chosen online casino, you will need to make a deposit into your account. If you have not already registered for an account, all you need to do is click on the sign up link, add your details and confirm via email. At some point you will need to send your photo ID to the casino to confirm you are who you say you are. In any case, the deposit will be your next step. If you’re unsure what the deposit methods are, this page is for you. You’ll discover:

  • The fastest deposit options for online gamblers
  • Safe recommendations you can trust
  • Hassle free methods that require little technological skills
  • Deposit methods which offer extra bonus incentives from the casino

Why the deposit matters?

The deposit is pretty much everything when it comes to online gambling. Sure, you can play the demo games and you can collect a no deposit bonus at some of the online casinos; however, you cannot actually win and withdrawal any real cash. This is what makes gambling so much fun, and why you should make a deposit; even if it’s a small one.

How to make a deposit

Making a real cash deposit at a gambling operator is relatively easy. Although each method does have its own process and transfer times, it generally will take a few minutes.  With most of the deposit options, you will need to set up an account beforehand. After which, you may need to transfer money into that account. This can be instant, or take a few days.

Get the scope of the casino deposit method here, and if you’re interested, read further into it on a separate page.

Deposit methods you’ll find for online gambling

We only recommend casinos which offer easy ways to make a real cash deposit. After all, we don’t want you to come across frustration or disappointment. The casinos on this site may not offer every single method listed, but will at minimum, offer a few. If we’ve missed out on your preferred method, give us a shout...we’ll want to know about it.


Deposit Methods

Also known as American Express, Amex is generally used by American players. Although not as common as other cards, it is good if you want to make larger deposits. This is because the deposit limits are quite a bit higher than other methods. Due to the credibility of Amex, online casinos tend to be more “trustful” of players using this card.

Credit Cards

Deposit Methods

For players in certain countries, a credit card may be a viable way to make an online gambling deposit. This method is convenient since most people have a credit card and know how to use it. Our recommended real cash casinos will accept a variety of credit cards; however, make sure your card is accepted before you go through the process.

Debit Cards

Deposit Methods

A debit card is one of the most common deposit methods. Online casinos are generally happy to accept UK and European debit cards; however, those from the US may not be as common due to certain restrictions. Using a debit card as a deposit method is nearly instant, extremely safe and available 24 hours a day.

Diners Club

Deposit Methods

Diners Club, although not very popular, it is an accepted online gambling deposit method anywhere that also takes MasterCard. Diners Club casinos process payments immediately and have no fees for deposits or withdrawals.

Discover Cards

Deposit Methods

Using a Discover Card for gambling is not easy, especially if you’re looking for a casino site that directly accepts this method. However, if you have a Discover Card, your online casino account can be funded indirectly. All you need to do is bypass the site and use a third party site like an eWallet. You can also purchase vouchers or prepaid cards.


Deposit Methods

Echecks are regularly used by gamblers in the USA and Canada. This is an electronic version of the paper check and is ideal if you do not want to use an eWallet or credit card. Although slower to process, it is a good option for anyone with large amounts of real cash to deposit.


Deposit Methods

EntroPay is another favorite method to make a casino deposit with. The processing fees are low and the transactions are instant. You can instantly fund your EntroPay account with a bank, credit card, debit card, prepaid card or eWallet. Funds can be taken from your account via ATM as long as you have an Entropay card.


Deposit Methods

Working like an eWallet, Instadebit is another method widely accepted by online casinos. Deposit methods like this one are not to be missed. You’ll enjoy low processing fees compared to other eWallets as well as, instant transactions. More importantly, all personal and banking details will remain completely private.

“The deposit is pretty much everything when it comes to online gambling.”


Deposit Methods

Although US players cannot use Maestro to fund an online gambling account, it remains an ideal choice for Europeans. Two cards are available. One linked to a checking account and the other is a rechargeable prepaid card.


Deposit Methods

As one of the most widely accepted online casino deposit methods, MasterCard is easy and simple to use. You will need to provide your number to the casino as well as, the 3 digit security code. Your funds will be added to your bankroll instantly.


Deposit Methods

Neteller allows you to add real money into your casino account without having to give your personal banking details. This easy deposit method can be found at nearly all online casinos. You will need to sign up for Neteller account beforehand; this can take a few minutes. After, fund your account and make the fast transfer into your casino account.


Deposit Methods

PayNearMe is an east to use deposit method which is ideal if you live near a 7-Eleven store. To make a deposit, you will generate a barcode on the casino website and send it to your phone or print it out. Head to your 7-Eleven store with the code and cash. Funds will be immediately added to your casino account.


Deposit Methods

PayPal is the largest payment processors on the web. Although it is not an option for US or Canadian gamblers, it is still ideal for British and Europeans. Once you have registered for an account, you will add your funds and make a private deposit into your gambling account.


Deposit Methods

Paysafecard is another option which is good to know about. In fact you don’t need to have a bank account to make safe deposits to an online casino. All you do is buy the prepaid card at a local vendor and add this cash to your account. The cards vary from $20-$200, and must be used within one year.

Prepaid Cards

Deposit Methods

Working much like a credit card, the prepaid card is instant when you make a deposit into your casino account. The only difference is that they are pre-loaded with a specific amount of money. This allows you to control your bankroll and overall spending. The prepaid cards are also ideal in areas of the world where credit cards are not allowed.


Deposit Methods

Moneybookers, now known as Skrill, has quickly become the leading international payment method for online transactions. It is most certainly a popular choice for gamblers to add real cash into a casino account. Moneybookers deposits are nearly instantaneous, while withdrawing cash will take a few hours. All transfers are free of charge, but always confirm whether or not the casinos charge any fees.


Deposit Methods

There are very few casinos which do not accept Visa cards. However, US players may find it difficult to use a Visa online.  Transactions may be slightly slower, we’re talking a few minutes, but it is a reliable method and readily available.

Wire Transfer

Deposit Methods

A wire transfer will allow you to send money directly from your bank account to the casino account. This is convenient, but often comes along with high fees. A wire transfer is normally ideal if there is no other option, or if you have a large amount of money to transfer. Expect a few days before you see the real cash in your online casino account.

Final Thoughts

Before you open an account, make sure the casino accepts your casino deposit method of choice. There is no point in registering at a gambling room which you cannot make a real cash deposit at. Consult the different online casino payment options and check whether or not these methods come free of charge. Moreover, you will want to know how long it will take before you see the money in your account. Finally, some casinos will offer extra bonuses for using a certain method. This is great way to add more cash to your bankroll.

Be sure to check out our pages dedicated to individual payment options. These will give you a good idea of all the deposit methods that will work best for you. When you’re ready to find a casino, you can read all of our real, independently tested, reviews of the top online casinos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the answers to all the questions you have about online banking and deposits here.

What is important when selecting a payment method?

Some methods are instant, like credit cards, others can take a few days, like wire transfers. Some methods might not be available in your country, or they might not be accepted by the online gaming site you have chosen. There are also methods which are anonymous, and other methods which will ask you for your personal information.

Which are more safe & secure?

Generally, it is more secure to pay indirectly, through eWallets, sites like PayPal, or prepaid cards like UKash and PaySafeCard, but direct credit card payments or wire transfers are also safe as long as you choose a reliable and reputable gaming website which protects you as a player and client.

What methods are faster?

Credit card payments, PayPal, and eWallets are usually the fastest methods through which you can deposit money online and pay or get paid through the internet. However, generally all online payment methods are fast, so just avoid wire transfers if you can – they could take up to several working days to go through and usually have high transfer fees, too.

Should I choose an eWallet over debit or credit?

There are several subjects to focus on here: speed, anonymity, availability and legality. Some methods are illegal in certain countries, or unavailable for certain gaming sites. Beyond these issues, debit or credit cards are not anonymous, and thus they can be considered more risky if you do not trust the gaming site or if you’d like to stay anonymous at the beginning. An eWallet can also be faster for deposits and withdrawals, depending on the country you are playing from or the website you are using.

Do I need to own a credit card?

A credit card is not necessary nowadays, since so many payment methods exist that are either prepaid, or based on debit accounts. Many online payment providers can also be topped up by wire transfers, or you can use a direct wire transfer to the online gaming site, though that is the slowest method of them all.

How are winnings generally paid?

Winnings will be paid to you into your eWallet or whatever other method you have chosen to use for payments.

How does my location dictate the choice?

Certain payment methods might not be legal or available to you in certain countries. It is best to research methods available in your area first, before you make an account with the gaming sites.