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There has been a thriving gambling community in New Zealand for many years, but it wasn't until the introduction of Internet gambling during the boom that it became a true hobby for many enthusiasts who live there. The websites opened up a global network of gamblers, allowing players around the world to connect and enjoy more gambling choices than ever before.

New Zealand is a small nation in comparison to places such as the UK, or even Australia, which means there are fewer players in a live casino at a given time. However, the growing popularity of Internet gambling has given players the ability to use their computers - and now even their mobile devices - to simply log on to an international gambling website and play any game they choose. From casino games, like roulette and blackjack, to poker and even online sportsbooks, New Zealanders don't have to struggle to find a brick n’ mortar casino or arrange transportation when online gambling is at their fingertips.

The New Zealand government has been fairly open to the online gambling sites that offer entertainment and competition to its residents. The growing market has led to New Zealand playing an important role in global Internet gambling, and major tournaments are now making their way to Australia and New Zealand on a regular basis. Players enjoy the freedom to gamble online at their convenience, for any amount and in any games they choose, and the websites that cater to those customers are some of the best in the world.

The best and top-rated sites for New Zealand players to use are listed below, their many benefits include those mentioned below:

  • Simple and clear currency convertor
  • Quick deposit times
  • Quality customer support available

Safe Internet Gambling in New Zealand

With so many online gambling options in 2024, it can be intimidating, not to mention downright scary, that not all online gambling sites are legitimate. That's why at we take special care to test the safety and security of all of the sites we recommend in our reviews. NZ online gambling sites must pass a series of tests by our experts, many of them pertaining to the safety of personal account information and the ability to deposit and withdraw funds. Making sure the customers – that’s you – are protected is our primary goal.

Gambling online for real money requires New Zealand players to use one of the many banking options available to them. All of those that are tied to the gambling websites we’ve reviewed have been properly licensed and verified by international safety organizations. Our experts also test them to make sure that fraudulent behavior is automatically detected and forbidden. By offering online gambling sites that are completely secure, players need only focus on the entertainment of playing at their favorite NZ online casinos and sportsbooks. Winning money is also worry-free, as making a withdrawal is just as simple as depositing real NZ currency from your bank account.

“New Zealand online gambling has never been so exciting, and you don’t want to miss a minute of the action!“

Why Gamble Online in New Zealand?

New Zealand

Aside from the convenience factor, Internet gambling has other benefits. With regards to online gambling, NZ provides a plethora of casino games that can't be found in local casinos, with varieties of hundreds of slot machines and other games. Poker games can be played with large prize pools and competitors around the globe. Gambling online also offers the chance to wager whatever you choose, not what live casinos tend to require. And deposits and withdrawals are as easy as pressing a few computer keys.

Our experts take the time to compare the absolute best NZ online gambling sites on the net so that you can choose your favorite. We provide ratings and reviews so you can base the decision on the requirements of Internet gambling that are most important to you. All of the sites have the best welcome bonuses in the industry as well, so you will be rewarded for your signup as well as your continued play no matter which online gambling site you choose.

We Find the Best Online Gambling Sites For New Zealand!

Take a moment to browse our reviews of the great, good and not-so-good, and choose the site that best fits your needs. In 2024, New Zealand online gambling has never been so exciting, and you don't want to miss a minute of the action!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are based in New Zealand, below you can find out what you need to know to take part in online gambling.

Is online gambling legal in New Zealand?

New Zealand has set no major restrictions on online gambling based abroad and the business is thriving, so you have many different options if you want to play online, including in terms of the methods of payment. What is strictly forbidden is playing at online casinos that are based in New Zealand.

What is the required age to play?

The legal age to enter a land casino is 20. However, you can place sports bets from 18 upwards. This is mostly the same when it comes to online casinos.

How is it regulated?

Gambling in New Zealand is controlled by the New Zealand Gambling Commission, which mostly ensures that all casinos based in New Zealand are properly licensed. Online gambling does not really fall under New Zealand jurisdiction, so playing in foreign-based casinos, you’re entrusting yourself to their local laws.

Am I required to pay tax on my winnings?

As long as the casinos are based outside of New Zealand you can keep every cent of your winnings.

Can I play in NZD?

Yes, while not all casinos accept NZD, there are still plenty of well-regulated, secure websites with great offers and bonuses that will take NZD.

What are the best sites for NZ players?

We have compiled a list for you of secure, licensed casinos that will take good care of you and give you the best bonuses as you play on .

What forms of gambling are popular?

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to available online gambling – you can play poker, baccarat, roulette, Texas Hold’em and plenty of others, you can bet on sports or horse races, and you can also play slot machine games online. You really can’t ask for anything else!