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United States Gambling

Since many variations of modern-day table games started in Europe, they were of course spread to the United States throughout the colonization period and gambling's had a long and celebrated history here ever since. Today online gambling in the US is a major source of entertainment that many customers enjoy taking part in. It leverages all the advantages of modern-day technology to bring the excitement of real money gambling to homes all over the country conveniently.

Since online gambling is a gray area in much of the United States there aren't as many online casinos that cater to US citizens as there once were, and that's why our list of the best US gambling sites is so important. We scoured the Internet for the leading online casinos that offer some of the best rates, deposit bonuses, and software packages around. You'll enjoy a top-level experience when playing at one of the hand-picked US online gambling websites listed here.

The Advantages of Our Selected Casinos:

  • Easy to use
  • Designed with new players in mind
  • Quality deposit bonuses
  • Fair payouts
  • Mobile support

Locating the Best Casinos isn't Easy

Not just anyone can go out and find the top online US gambling websites to play at. Our reviewers had to work carefully to identify each of the gambling destinations that was best for our readers. The sites chosen went through a high level of scrutiny until they were determined to be quality destinations. Each site was checked for their payout percentage, for high quality customer service, for deposit bonuses and for the selection of games and software used. Only after each and every one of these features checks out can one of the websites be recommended as a good option to choose for USA players.

“If you've never experienced online US gambling you're missing out. Instead of driving out to a local casino you can experience online versions from around the world instantly.”

Not only do we check for the leading casinos in the industry to make sure they are offering good services, but we compare them against one another. That means we take all the quality casinos and only recommend the very best among them to our users so that they get the best experience possible.

The Joys of Online Gambling

United States Gambling

If you've never experienced online US gambling you're missing out. There's a high level of convenience that comes along with online gambling that only serves to enhance the experience. Any legal online sites offer entertaining gameplay with the click of a button. You simply sign into your account and can begin playing slots, table games and even games against live dealers at casinos around the world. Instead of driving out to a local casino you can experience options from around the world in much less time and spending a fraction of the money that you would have to spend otherwise.  That's a major advantage that you'll enjoy when experiencing US gambling online.

Why it's Regulated

Gambling online is now legal in many parts of the United States thanks to recent legislation. Gamblers in states like New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware don't face any state restrictions around online gambling. That's why many lawful residents of the United States are able to enjoy gambling online for real cash and it's all legal.

Legit online US gambling is a fun way to pass the time as long as you know which websites you should rely on and which you should avoid. Our hand selected online casinos make it possible to really enjoy US online gambling and you don't have to spend much money in order to do it either. That's the power of the Internet when it's used properly for entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can discover what you need to know before you engage in online gaming from the United States.

Is online gambling legal in the US?

Despite the really strict regulations, online gambling in the US is actually legal on the federal level, and it is only heavily restricted in a few states. Despite that, most of the law concerns the casinos and not the specific players, so you have nothing to worry about. It’s best to check for licensing marks on the homepages of the casinos to make sure you are on the safe side of the law.

What is the required age to play?

You can start betting from the age of 21.

How is it regulated?

Every state has its own regulations and in some states it is currently 100% legal, but there are still many states whose outlooks on online gaming vary from frowning upon it to considering it absolutely illegal. The main legislation on online gambling is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, which bans US companies from accepting bets through the internet.

Am I required to pay tax on my winnings?

USA is one of the countries that taxes casino winnings, so before you start playing for high stakes, research how you stand in terms of tax in your particular state, as taxing can vary among states. You will have to present the Tax Department with a full record of winnings, just as with any land-based US casino.

Can I play in USD?

Since USD is an internationally accepted currency most casinos accept it as a payment so you will have no problem using dollars to fuel your gaming needs.

What are the best sites for US players?

Any sites that are licensed and exist legally offshore are good for US players. For tried and tested options look over our list of carefully chosen online casinos. We have weeded out all the inferior-quality companies and have kept the best choices for you: the casinos with the highest welcome bonuses, strongest information protection and excellent customer service 24/7.

What forms of gambling are popular?

Once you get onto a legal and licensed online gaming site you can engage in absolutely any kind of gambling from poker and baccarat to slot machine games and sports betting. Try everything out!