Best Horse Racing Sites

Horse Racing

People have been organizing horse racing since they discovered that horses liked to run. And gambling on the sport has been popular since that time as well. Today, it is a favorite activity, often called the sport of kings, of bettors around the world.

Horse racing gambling is popular in the United States, United Kingdom, and many other countries, but there are a limited number of tracks that are set up to handle the races and betting. Many casinos and tracks allow bettors to bet on horse races at other locations, but it wasn't until the magic of online gambling that it gained worldwide popularity. Customers can now log on to a website, and with a few clicks of a computer mouse, they can bet on any race at any track.

Online horse racing gambling sites are becoming more common with current technology, as bettors can find the racing forms, place a bet, and even watch the races on the website. Part of the thrill of the sport is analyzing the information about the horses, trainers, jockeys, and track conditions, and the resulting conclusions can lead to winning bets. The rest of the thrill comes from watching the horse and jockey race around the track and waiting that minute or two for the result. Online horse racing gambling sites bring all of that excitement to you sitting in the comfort of your own home.

Betting on horse racing online is gradually gaining interest, and will continue to do so beyond 2015. Check out our recommended websites, and jump on the new craze, that offer some exciting benefits.

  • Fully licensed and secure site
  • Multiple deposit method options
  • 24 hour customer support

Advantages of Online Horse Racing Sites

There is quite a bit of fun to be had by visiting a live racing track, placing bets at the window, and watching with like-minded bettors as the horses sprint round the track.

However, most people don't have that luxury or the time to do it. Online gambling - horse racing in particular - allows customers to bet on any races whenever they choose. With races in time zones around the world, there is always a race on which to bet. And using today's technology for gambling online, it is easier to gain access to all of the information about a horse, trainer, or jockey, as well as investigate trends and past performances. There are as many stats websites these days as there are online gambling sites, so there’s no reason to be short of knowledge.

“For gambling online, nothing matches the thrill of betting on a racing.”

Gambling Online on Horses – Any Time, Anywhere

Horse Racing

The other advantage to gambling online on horse racing is the ability to do it at any time. That means a person can handle other responsibilities while logging on to place a quick bet. Without taking the time for transportation, parking, and waiting at a betting window, people can spend time on other things while still feeling the thrill of horse racing gambling. Fans of the sport are quickly discovering the convenience and freedom that gambling online provides.

Best Horse Racing Gambling Sites

As more online gambling sites begin to offer betting on racing, it can be difficult to figure out which websites are the most trustworthy and safe.

We do that so you don't have to.

Our team of horse racing online gambling experts put all of the websites through a series of tests, first to ensure that they are properly licensed and take reliable safety precautions that are overseen by industry organizations. We then use the sites to ensure that the betting and payouts are fair.

Our experts also verify and rate all of the qualifications of the best online gambling horse racing websites, from the ability of the customer service department, to how they answer questions and handle problems, to the odds given on the races and the speed of the payouts for winning bets. When we recommend a horse racing site, our unrivaled reviews and comparisons reveal all of that information, and our top ratings indicate how they’ve exceeded our expectations.

For gambling online, nothing matches the thrill of betting on racing. Try one of our horse racing online gambling sites today and feel the thrill of the Sport of Kings in the comfort of your own home. Place your bets!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in betting on horses, here you can find the important information for you.

How does horse racing betting work?

There are many betting websites that have taken advantage of the ease of the internet to bring you to the horse races you cannot attend. You can bet instantly on any race, anywhere, through the website and even watch the race if you want to. The sites are full of stats related to the horses, jockeys, and trainers, so you can base your bet on the existing information. You can bet on a single horse, or on several, on whether they win, get one of the top 3 places, or get to a specific place of your choice. Show bets are the most secure ones but also with the lowest pay-off.

Where can I play online?

There are many online gaming websites or online casinos that offer horse racing betting. To choose a correctly licensed, safe and reputable casino, follow our recommendations. We have tested each of them rigorously to guarantee customer satisfaction.

How do the odds work?

Betting odds are always written out as a fraction, and are quite straightforward to calculate. If your odds are 9/1, then you divide 1 by the sum of the two (10), and you have a 0.10 or 10% chance of this event happening and you winning. If you bet on these odds, you win . If your odds are 2/5, then you divide 2 by the sum (7), and you get a 29% chance of winning. If you bet here, then your possible pay-off will be .80.

Can it be profitable?

Show bets can provide you with small but easy and consistent winnings, while higher-risk bets such as the exotic wagers then you stand to lose more often but the pay-offs will be notably larger. One way to make horse betting profitable is to use the winnings of show bets to make new show bets, which leads to a gradual increase in winnings without too much risk.

How much is it possible to win?

How much you win will depend on your bets, and whether you pay careful attention to the stats involved in your bets.

Is it possible to watch live online?

Most websites that offer horse racing betting will also have an option for you to watch the races through their site.

Is it fixed?

While there are shoddy websites and races everywhere, if you play through the websites we have reviewed and recommended for you, you will be offered licensed, legal and reputable games, where you have a chance at winning if you play your odds right.