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Live Dealer

Live Dealer online casinos are one of the most innovative and popular forms of Internet gambling to emerge from the industry in years. And it is growing in popularity faster than most would have imagined.

Many people have transitioned from offline, live casino play to online gambling on the web because of many factors, most important of which are the freedom and convenience to play at any time and any place. The ability to play a game like live roulette, a longtime favorite of casino patrons, on a computer or mobile device was much more appealing to most than traveling to a casino, dressing up for the occasion, and abiding by the casino's dress code and betting limits. Online roulette provided many more options through gambling online.

The one missing component of online roulette was the dealer and interaction. One can expect the same outcome from a live dealer and a fair online wheel, but it's not the same as seeing the wheel spin, the ball drop, and the winning number come up on the screen. Live roulette online, courtesy of new technology and faster video streaming, allows the best of both worlds. Players can log on to a computer at their convenience and chat with a real live casino dealer.

Live dealer games give players the opportunity to experience the atmosphere and excitement of a real life casino, in the comfort of their own home. Other benefits live dealer casinos offer:

  • Engaging & attractive user interface
  • High payouts
  • Initial deposit bonuses ranging to 100%

How to Play at Live Dealer Casinos

Online live roulette is played much the same as in a casino, with a live croupier on a pop-up screen on your computer. The player chooses a number or numbers and the corresponding wagers on the computer, and the dealer on the screen spins the ball and the wheel until it stops with one number chosen. The player is notified of the win or loss, and the next round of betting begins. Playing at a live roulette casino is the same as playing in a brick-and-mortar casino, only the player is on a computer, watching the action on their screens as it happens.

Live casino roulette is played by simply choosing the online live roulette option from the casino game lobby on your casino client. The program may take a few minutes to load, but the casino live dealer will appear when the game is ready. By simply following the instructions for placing bets, you will be interacting with the casino live dealer at the live roulette casino via your computer, with the look and feel of being right there in the thick of the action. The dealer cannot see the player, however, so it is still an option to play in any attire you want – even your pyjamas! The player also has the option to switch to ‘auto roulette’ play, without the casino live dealer involved, if the betting limits are not comfortable. It’s worth noting that betting limits at roulette online live casinos are sometimes higher than conventional online roulette.

“A good live roulette online experience is just one of the key components of any online casino that we test.”

Trusting the Live Dealer Casino

Live Dealer

The most important factor to consider when looking for a top live roulette online casino is security. The player must be on a site that is safe, tested, and trustworthy. Our experts take the time to run each of the websites through a series of tests to ensure that the players information is secure and that there is no danger in betting on a live dealer casino.

The great live roulette casino sites we compare and recommend have passed those security tests, and we ensure they offer customer service that is of the highest standard, while all players’ concerns are addressed. Having a good live roulette online experience is just one of the key components of any online casino that we test. However, we also look for good real money web bonuses and rewards, software reliability, up-to-date licensing, variety of games, betting cash limits and bank options, and an online live roulette site’s reputation. That means that the live roulette websites you see on our site are the best in the world, and our reviews and ratings are second to none.

If you’re into online gambling live play, simply browse our live dealer casinos reviews and choose the live casino roulette website that appeals most to you. Check our guide and site comparison, and make a deposit today. You’ll be only minutes away from meeting your live dealer and gambling online live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can read some information on games with live dealers.

What are live dealer games?

One of the negative sides of online gaming is that there are no visible competitors or stuff so interaction is limited. Well, online casinos have dealt with this problem by employing live dealers who deal in front of the camera, for you to see and interact with while playing. Nevertheless, you can still be at home in your pajamas because the only one on camera is the dealer.

What games can be played?

The range of available games with live dealers is still somewhat limited but it is growing rapidly. Right now the live dealer games you are most likely to find at online casinos are roulette, baccarat and blackjack.

Which games are popular?

Online roulette is still one of the most popular games where live dealers are concerned, but you can play whichever game catches your fancy, so if you are a blackjack fan or a baccarat player, you have those options, too.

Can they be played any time of day?

Usually the live dealer service is offered around the clock, so no matter at what time the desire hits you, you can just log on and play with a live dealer.

How does it compare with live casino play?

There are mostly advantages to playing online: you can play in your pajamas from your bed, rather than following the strict dress-code of most live casinos, you can play at any time of the night or day with no restrictions, and there is an element of anonymity involved since no one can see your face or know exactly who you are.

There is an element of human interaction that is still not quite there even when you’re playing with a human dealer on the other side, and the bets might be higher than in other online or live casinos, due to the use of the live dealer, but generally it is a very convenient and pleasant way of playing online.

Where can I play?

Many online casinos have taken to the trend of using live dealers, so pretty much any licensed and reputable online casino you choose will have a live dealer option.

Are live games legit?

As long as the casino you have chosen to invest your money into is legitimate, well-regulated and secure, the games are, too. So make sure you choose a widely recommended online casino before signing up.