AMEX Online Gambling Site Deposits


No gambling enthusiast enjoys finding a casino which seems to be “just right” only to find out that it doesn’t accept their preferred banking method. This happens a lot to players trying to use AMEX, or American Express, to add real cash to a casino account. This is because online casinos that accept AMEX are not very common. Despite its popularity around the globe, using American Express at a gambling site is not easy. Strict laws and regulations related to online gambling in the USA are the reasons behind these issues. Realistically, you have to know where to look when trying to find an AMEX online casino. Keep reading to find out where you can easily make an AMEX online casino deposit.

Top Benefits of Using AMEX as an Online Casino Deposit Method:

  • US players can use Amex online casinos
  • Funds are instantly available
  • A 160 year old company that is guaranteed safe
  • Extremely low fees (if not free)

What is American Express?

AMEX is the world’s leading card issuer and processes millions of dollars every day. It was founded in 1850 and continues to be a sign of wealth and power due to strict requirements of higher than average credit scores.  In the US, AMEX is a favorite online casino deposit method despite the difficulty of finding reputable online casinos that accept this banking method.  Some of the best AMEX online casinos can be found on this page; which means for those of you trying to stay loyal to your favorite deposit method, you can.

How to get an American Express Card?


Getting an AMEX card works in the same way you would apply for a credit card like MasterCard or Visa. You apply either online, via mail or by phone. After which, you wait to see if you’ve been approved. American Express has high qualifications and applicants must have an above average credit card score. There are different card types including the Black and Platinum cards which have higher limits and extra perks. As soon as you get your AMEX card, you can start playing for real cash winnings.

How AMEX works at an online casino

Using an American Express card for gambling is easy. You simply find an online casino that accepts AMEX and follow the payment procedure. You will need to provide your financial information, card details and the amount of real cash you wish to deposit. Click submit and wait to see if you’re approved. It’s no different from making a purchase on a popular shopping site. Within seconds you can start playing.

A nice feature of using AMEX to make a casino deposit is that all your information is stored on the American Express servers rather than the casinos’. This means that if the casino servers get hacked, none of your personal or financial details can be stolen. To put your mind at ease, we’ve only chosen the most secure AMEX online casinos. Therefore, strict protocols are implemented to protect all players regardless of the banking method being used.

“A nice feature of using AMEX to make a casino deposit is that all your information is stored on the American Express servers rather than the casinos.”

Can USA Players Use American Express To Deposit?


Yes, US players can use online casino AMEX deposits. However, it goes without saying that some people have reported issues when it comes to making a deposit in that they’ve been rejected. Whether this is the casino itself or AMEX, we are not sure. In any case, give it a try. If it doesn’t work, you may want to call AMEX support to find out what’s going on. Alternately, you can call the casino directly to see if they can process your deposit over the phone.

American Express online casino bonus offers

Our recommended online casinos that accept AMEX will give you the chance to collect a promising welcome bonus just for signing up. These are a great way to add some extra cash into your bankroll, and hopefully with some luck, win big!

We’ve found the best AMEX online casinos


We know how troubling it can be to find a good online casino for AMEX gamblers.  If you’ve just about given up when it comes to finding one of these sites, take a few minutes to check out our recommended casinos. These not only offer games like slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker, but they also accept AMEX for real cash deposits. You’ll enjoy plenty of perks and bonuses as well as, high payout percentages, fast withdrawals and 24/7 customer support. What more could you ask for? Start reviewing our AMEX online casinos and don’t forget to collect your welcome bonus exclusive to this site.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’d like to use AMEX, here you can find the information you need!

Can I use AMEX for online gambling?

Yes, you can, though you have to make sure that the online casino you have chosen accepts AMEX. This is because there are many US legal regulations which make it difficult to use American Express for online gambling. Occasionally there are further problems, but in such cases AMEX or the casino’s customer care can usually help you.

How fast are transfers?

Once you have ensured that the online gaming site accepts AMEX as a method of payment, transactions are instant. You can play with the money right after sending it to the casino from AMEX.

What fees are involved?

Fees are usually minimal, if they exist at all; there is an annual fee for having and using an AMEX card. Transaction fees will vary between gaming sites, depending on their policies and location.

How do they compare with other credit cards?

AMEX is one of the oldest and most reputable financial companies in the world, and their higher credit checks aim to maintain their privileged status, so they have excellent customer service, perks and privileges that come with their cards. This makes their credit cards a desirable item to have and use.

Is it safe to use?

AMEX is a safe and secure card. For safe transactions and happy gaming, ensure that the online gaming site you are choosing looks after your safety as well.

Is it recommended?

AMEX cards can lead you to casinos with high welcome bonuses. As they are also highly reliable and a well-known status symbol, yes, we recommend them for you!