Online Gambling Deposits using Maestro


Maestro is another option gamblers have when it comes to making a real cash deposit. Since its beginnings in the 90’s, it has seen huge growth and massive mergers with companies including MasterCard. Nowadays, Maestro is accepted by shops around the globe. In the UK alone, 1 million stores accept the payment method, while there are a further 15 million point of sale outlets worldwide. Even though it carries a credit card company’s logo, Maestro is a debit card; it is connected directly to your own funds in your bank account.

Top Benefits of Maestro Online Gambling Deposits:

  • No credit card checks involved
  • Use only the real cash you have available at that time
  • Backed by MasterCard, so it is a completely secure method
  • Choose from the best Maestro online casinos

Getting a Maestro debit card

Maestro cards can be used to deposit funds into an online casino account; they can also be used to make a withdrawal as long as the casino permits it. However, before you make your first Maestro deposit at an online casino, you must have an account with an associated MasterCard financial institution. This could be your bank, or an entirely new company. You’ll then need to apply for the card. This is simple and does not involve any credit card checks. Because it is a prepaid debit card, you can only make real cash deposits up to the balance which is in your account at the time of purchase. The bank linked to the card may have an allowance for overdrafts, but we don’t recommend going that far.

Steps to using Maestro debit card online casinos


Step 1: Go into your local bank or visit to find a bank near you

Step 2: Attach your existing bank account or open a new account and register your Maestro card

Step 3: Choose one of the recommended Maestro online casino sites on this page

Step 4: Sign up for your free account and choose Maestro as your deposit method

Step 5: Enter the amount of real cash you want to play with

Step 6: Wait to see the money added to your bankroll. This may take a few minutes at most.

That’s all there is; once you have a Maestro card, it is easy and very convenient to use at most major online gambling sites.

Where you can use a Maestro casino card

There is an array of online casinos that accept Maestro deposits. These are especially easy to find if you’re from Europe or the UK. These countries heavily rely on Maestro even though they are not as popular as other leading credit cards like Visa. As soon as you get started, you will notice that the cards are reliable for not only the player, but the casino as well.

“Many online gambling sites accept Maestro as a deposit method because it has impressive built in security and anti-fraud features. ”

Benefits of using Maestro


Maestro carries the MasterCard logo, so any where MasterCard is accepted, Maestro is also accepted. This makes it ideal for many online gamblers because, if you don’t already know, MasterCard is a top deposit method for gambling. Another major benefit of Maestro is it is easily obtainable for most people. Many major banks offer these cards; including Chase, Bank Of America and Citi to mention a few. Finally, prepaid Maestro cards allow you to easily keep track of your spending while budgeting all of your gambling deposits.

Multiple built in security layers

Many online gambling sites accept Maestro as a deposit method because it has impressive built in security and anti-fraud features. This also makes it a preferred deposit method by online gamblers, because the money is protected and funds are guaranteed. Maestro allows instant payments to be processed even if the physical card is not present, but the account holder must know their personal pin as an extra security measure. This allows most online gambling sites to offer real cash play instantly when using Maestro.

Maestro casino deposits for US players


At the time of writing this, US players are not able to take advantage of Maestro deposits. This is due to strict laws and regulations that forbid credit and banking institutions to accept any payments related to gambling.  If you’re in the US and want to gamble for real cash, we recommend wire transfers or UKash.

Great online gambling sites currently accepting maestro

We have put together a list of the top online casinos which offer gamblers from around the world the best bonuses, games and payment options. All sites are highly trusted within the online gambling community and implement the most rigorous security protocols. You’ll find awesome rewards programs and regular tournaments (if that’s your thing).  We suggest you try a few of them to see which you prefer. Our team, and millions of others, recommends each and every one of these Maestro online casinos. Ultimately, that’s why they’re on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find information on how to use your Maestro card for online gaming.

Can I use Maestro for online gambling?

Yes, you can, and it protects you from going over your monthly limits, as it is a debit card linked to your existing funds.

How fast are transfers?

Transfers are instant, since the card is linked directly to your bank account.

What fees are involved?

There are minimal fees involved in the online transfers and deposits, as in most other cards.

How do they compare with other debit cards?

Maestro cards are prestigious and widely accepted thanks to their MasterCard logo, but they are debit cards linked to your bank account or prepaid cards, thus ensuring your usage only of cash you already have.

Is it safe to use?

Maestro is one of the safest cards around, which has its own anti-fraud systems in place, and remarkable security features in place to protect you and your money. It is also offered by many banks all over the world so it is easy to obtain and does not require any credit checks, thanks to being a debit card.

Is it recommended?

It is a respectable card recommended to anyone outside of the US. If you live in the USA, then your options are quite limited, and the Maestro card is not one of them. Instead, you can use wire transfers or certain eWallets for online gambling.