Discover Card as an Online Gambling Site Deposit Method

Discover Card

Discover Card is a leading online payment option which can use on a plethora of online gambling sites around the world. When it comes to Discover Card deposits at online casinos and poker rooms, ease and convenience is not always the case.  In the USA, gamblers may have difficulty finding an online casino that accepts Discover Card. This is due in part to strict regulations which make it almost impossible for US based merchants to allow transactions to be processed from a gambling website.

In most cases, US players will be denied from Discover and/or the casino itself when trying to make a real cash deposit. We recommend using another payment method to avoid hassle and wasted time. If you’re in the US and adamant about using a Discover Card, or are outside of the US (and Canada) all together, read on to find out the benefits of using online casino Discover deposits.

Benefits of Discover Card:

  • Receive Discover Rewards when making an online casino deposit
  • Fast and easy to use
  • High deposit limits and little to no fees

What is Discover card?

Prior to the World Wide Web, Discover credit card was launched by the now dissolved Sears Company in 1985. It immediately went global and was quickly acquired by Morgan Stanley. By the 90’s it was a favorite deposit method for gamblers. Discover Card online casinos were, at that time, very easy to find, but by the 2000’s this changed. Laws were passed that pretty much prohibited using Discover Card on gambling websites.

How to get a Discover Card

Discover Card

If you would like to make a real cash deposit with this method, you can go to the Discover website to apply for a card. Within a few days (if not a few hours), you will know whether or not you’ve been accepted.

Fees and Costs

When using Discover Card to make a real cash deposit, you may encounter small processing fees from the company and online casino. Discover Card may give you perks and rewards which can, overtime, make up for these small fees.  As always, check with Discover as well as, the casino itself.

Who Should Use Discover Card?

If you do not have, or want to use, another banking method and have high deposit limits, you may be well suited to the using Discover Card. Because online casinos that accept Discover are so hard to come by, it’s not a very practical deposit option for any gambler.

“Discover Card may give you perks and rewards which can, overtime, make up for these small processing fees. ”

Using Your Discover Card at Online Casinos

Discover Card

When you make a deposit at a Discover Card online casino, your information will be entered in the same way a Visa or MasterCard would be used. You will need to have already signed up for the casino account before processing the deposit. Should your card be declined, you may be asked to contact customer support to verify the reason before you can continue with another real cash deposit option. If the deposit goes through, your funds will be added within a few minutes.

Other Credit Card Options

As of 2024, we can tell you that Discover Card casino deposits tend to be available and then all of a sudden, unavailable for a while. After which casinos or Discover will reinstate this option. Currently, any recommended online casinos that accept Discover Card will be found on this page.

Other options to make a real cash deposit using a credit card include Visa, MasterCard and AMEX. Both former options are readily accepted on most casino networks. If credit cards are not ideal at all, several other deposit options have emerged which make adding cash to your casino account as easy as credit cards.

Make an online casino deposit using Discover Card

If you’re ready to make a real cash deposit with your Discover Card and enjoy all your favorite gambling games, take a look at our recommended sites. You will have little chances of encountering an issue regarding a Discover deposit at these online casinos. Moreover, these operators offer an outstanding casino experience, great bonuses and the best customer service.

To get started, choose a recommended Discover casino and sign up for your free account. Use your card to make a real cash deposit and collect a welcome bonus exclusive to this site. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find some of the answers to questions you might have about the Discover cards of payment.

What is Discover Card?

Discover Card is a credit card issued by a company in the US – it is the third biggest provider of credit cards there.

How does it work?

It is an independent credit card available through many banks in the US. You link it to your existing bank account and use it as any other credit card.

Do they allow online gambling transactions?

They still do and it used to be a very popular card with online gamblers. This has changed rapidly in the past 15 years as US regulations have tightened up on online gambling. If you are living in the US try to go for a different payment method, as gambling transactions from a Discover Card are often outright rejected by online casinos or even by the company itself.

How quick are payments?

If the payments go through, they will be instant and you can immediately start playing. However, Discover Cards are often declined by the casino or by the Discover company, and you will then have to contact your card service to fix the problem.

How do they compare with other methods?

Discover Card is a smooth-running, quick payment service with security so your money is safe with them. However, there aren’t many online casinos that accept them due to ever-tightening security, so do not choose this method unless you don’t have another choice, or you have already chosen your favorite online casinos and they accept Discover Card.

Do I have to pay fees?

There are some minimal transaction fees but they are often made up by the constant cash-back bonuses the card company offers. Before using the card online, you might want to research all its benefits and the offers available to you from Discover Card.

Is it safe to use?

Safety is not a concern with Discover Card – they are reliable and secure and will look after you and your money well.