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Wire Transfers

Amongst all the deposit methods offered by online casino sites, wire transfers still have to be one of the top picks for bettors. Although slower than some of the other payment solutions, wire transfers have several benefits for real cash deposits. Online casinos are, for the most part, very accepting of this payment method; however it’s a good idea to get an understanding about just how they work. If you’re in the market for a new online casino deposit method, wire transfers may be for you.

On this page, you’ll discover the benefits of using wire transfer for gambling sites:

  • Highest transfer limits in the industry
  • Guaranteed deposits in just a few days
  • Cost effective, especially for large amounts
  • Countless world class online casinos to choose from
  • Can be used from all over the globe

The majority of gambling sites accept wire transfers because they are as good as real cash. Once cleared, players can start using it at the slots, tables or when gambling on a sporting event (to name a few).

What is a wire transfer?

Before eWallets, like PayPal or Neteller, wire transfers were the easiest and fastest way to start gambling online. A wire transfer, also referred to as a credit transfer, is a method by which real cash is transferred from one person or bank to another. This is often done directly in person at a bank or online.   In general, when it comes to wire transfer online casino deposits, you will need to have a bank account and the cash available in it; that’s all. Depending on the country you’re in, you may need to provide some information like your basic personal details. This ensures the full security and protection of your finances.

How to Use Wire Transfers as a Deposit Method

Wire Transfers

Step 1: Choose the online casino site of your choice and signup for a free account.

Step 2: Select wire transfer from the deposit methods

Step 3: Copy all details from the site - account number, IBAN, SWIFT code, and addresses of the company and bank – all of these will be provided.

Step 4: Go into your bank’s local branch and give the banking teller the details for the transfer (some users can use their online banking account to handle wire transfers from anywhere)

Now you have to wait for the funds to clear and you are ready to play. In the meantime, you can always play the demo mode games to prepare yourself for the day in which you play for real money. Of course, you can always use another deposit method if you’re ready to start playing and winning.

Cost effective

One of the most notable benefit of using wire transfers as a secure deposit method is the fact that most fees incurred are fixed.  In general, banks will offer a flat fee ranging from $20 and up. However, some banks will give customers a few free transfers per month; this normally is based on the type of account. That said, if you’re planning on making a lot of bets with large amounts of real cash, wire transfers can be the most cost effective method to use.

United States based players

Wire Transfers

Due to online gambling legislation such as the, Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA), US players cannot use wire transfers to add real money to online gambling accounts. However, withdrawals are allowed, and typically the preferred method for those in the USA.

“Those who want to play instantly will need a secondary deposit method because a wire transfer can be slow. ”

High rollers and premium players

Another leading reason to consider taking advantage of wire transfers is the limits. In general, these are very high. In fact, you may quickly notice that many online gambling sites do not even have a max limit. What this means is you can send an unlimited amount of money to the bank securely and privately. Not to mention it will be far more affordable than a credit card or e-wallet deposit.

Bonuses and rewards

Wire Transfers

Some online casinos will give away extra bonuses and rewards to players who use wire transfers to fund their account with real money. Onlinesports betting sites often prefer this deposit method as well, this is because wire transfers are normally a sign of a serious gambler and not someone who may bet what they don’t have and regret it; such as with credit cards. Always check with online casino to see whether or not they are running any special incentives.

Safe, secure, private but slow

Although it can be one of the safest, securest and most private methods available, those who want to play instantly will need a secondary deposit method to choose from. This is because a wire transfer can be slow. We’re talking between 1 and 7 business days to process. The processing time will vary due to two factors: the bank in which the deposit is being sent from and received at. If a player gets lucky because the online gambling site uses the same banking institution, the processing time will be dramatically cut. Don’t forget to take into consideration any holidays, weekends or special closing times.

The top online gambling sites that accept wire transfers

Wire Transfers

A multitude of online casinos accepts wire transfers; unfortunately, they are not all created equal.  Therefore you really need to know where to play at, especially if you’re thinking about making a large real cash transfer into your casino account. On this page, we’ve chosen the top online casinos that accept wire transfers. These offer the widest selection of play, well structured layouts, competitive bonuses and most importantly, are trusted amongst the online gambling community as a whole. If you’re looking for a casino that you can have fun at, win money and know that you’re wire transfer will be processed without any issues, we recommend giving one of our recommended sites a try. Don’t forget your bonus; it can only be accessed via this site, so act now.

Frequently Asked Questions

If wire transfers are a payment method you feel comfortable with, here you can read about how to use it for online gaming.

What are Wire Transfers?

Wire Transfers are direct transfers from one bank account to another. They are the oldest and one of the most reliable methods for moving funds from your bank account to anywhere else.

How do they work?

You need to obtain the bank name and address, account number, IBAN, and SWIFT numbers of the casino you are wiring money to. Then, once you have a casino account and have chosen wire transfer as a transfer method, you go to your bank (or online banking account) and use the above information to send the money. It usually takes a few days for the funds to become available in your casino account.

Do banks allow online gambling transactions?

While USA banks do not allow funds to go out to casinos, you can withdraw your winnings by wire transfer. For most other countries, you can use wire transfer for both depositing and withdrawing funds from your casino account.

How fast are payments?

Wire transfers are the slowest method for paying online, but they are also one of the most unfailing and reliable ones.

How does it compare with other methods?

Wire transfers are slow but because they are old and linked directly to the banks, they are very reliable. They require a lot of information about the senders and receivers of a transfer, which makes them secure for you and your money. They are also a payment method with virtually no limits – you can transfer any amount of money you want by wire transfer. All other methods have upper limits.

Do I have to pay fees?

There are flat fees involved in wire transfers, which make it worth it to transfer larger sums of money at one go.

Is it safe?

Wire transfers are as safe as the security of your bank, and banks’ security features tend to be the very best around.